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dxFeed Retail Products Overview

Introduction is designed as an end-to-end solution to help end-clients smoothly buy dxFeed market data subscriptions online.

Key features

The features list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Personal data protection (GDPR compliant)

  • Subscription management

  • Exchanges agreements acceptance

  • Email notifications

  • Credentials management

  • Recurring and one-time payments processing

  • Online support





A user account on the get.dxFeed portal


An admin user who adjusts settings for the get.dxFeed portal


An agreement between two parties. There are two types of agreements:

  • dxFeed (agreement with Devexperts Inc.)

  • Exchange (agreement with a specific market exchange)


A third-party application that supports dxFeed as a market data provider

Application account

A user account allowing a certain user to get access to a certain third-party application


An organized market where tradable securities, commodities, foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, futures, and options contracts are sold and bought


A data feed - it’s a market-related data (as an order book, trades, quotes) reported by an exchange. Feeds are differentiated by data depth, level of details, instruments, pricing, etc. Data feeds may be real-time as well as delayed/historical

get.dxfeed portal

A B2C portal that allows an end user to buy and manage data feeds subscriptions for third-party trading applications


Feeds that a user has chosen to subscribe to

Payment system

A third-party system that processes payment transactions


An electronic document confirming that the purchaser (end user) has paid money to the seller in order to be granted a temporary access to a market data feed


A subscription containing information about a specific feed within a certain application which a certain user may have access to for a month

Transaction/Payment transaction

The result of transferring funds from the user’s bank account to the dxFeed’s one

User profile

Personal information provided by a certain B2C user

User/B2C user/end user

Any natural person who uses the get.dxfeed portal