Introduction to dxFeed Data Services

dxFeed data services

dxFeed is a market data vendor that provides data services directly from exchanges and other financial data sources worldwide. dxFeed feed handlers are connected directly to the market data sources. Our proven data collection and delivery systems are designed to enable failsafe delivery of high-quality information to clients where and when they need it.

Real-time and delayed data services

Data from all sources that we integrate is available in the normalized form of dxFeed API which was specially designed for ease of use. Underlying open QDS infrastructure which was developed and optimized over years for high-performance and scalability allows our clients to fully leverage our data distribution and management capabilities.

dxFeed offers real-time data over several channels:

  • Public internet

  • Collocation

  • Amazon Web Service

Historical data services

dxFeed is parsing, indexing and storing up to 10Tb of raw data every day and makes it available for access to financial institutions and individuals. dxFeed utilizes the power of cloud computing to bring virtually unlimited capacity and scalability for the millisecond time-stamped tick data storage.

dxFeed provides historical data in a binary and text (CSV and TSV) formats.

Our current historical data solution has been in operations since January 2010 and captures every tick from virtually every exchange on the U.S. market and major European exchanges.

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Aggregated data services

dxFeed provides aggregated data that allows backtesting trading strategies, locating better trading opportunities, or simply delving into the market dynamics. Multiple types of aggregations (time-based, price-based, Renko, etc.) can be created on-the fly or downloaded as historical data.

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dxFeed market data events

A data feed consists of the following market events:

All feeds can be read by any dxFeed API. Not all event types are available for every type of asset.

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