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European Formats

Cboe Europe

dxFeed symbols for Cboe Europe consist of the product name and a corresponding namespace separated by a colon. Example:

Product Name

Cboe Europe Symbol

dxFeed Symbol

Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV



Daimler AG



Cboe supports the Uniform Symbology methodology. This symbology consists of an instrument code followed by a single lowercase letter designating the primary listing market center.

Learn more about a Uniform Symbology description and find links to more documentation on Wikipedia.

Namespaces for Cboe Europe exchanges:

  • For BXE: BATE

  • For CXE: CHIX

  • For TRF: BXTR

  • For DXE: CEUX


dxFeed symbols for Eurex are formed according to the following formula: /product + maturity date + :namespace XEUR

Check the list of Eurex products.


Product Name

Eurex Symbol

dxFeed Symbol

EURO STOXX 50® Index Options

OESX SI 20241220 CS EU P 2050 0




JEN SI 20191115 PS AM C 28.00 0



Euronext Futures

The symbols are formed according to the following formula: Symbol = /<product_code><maturity_date><market_segment_mic_code>/rootMYY:namespace

In <maturity_date>:

  • The month is represented by a letter (more on this in the Date modifiers section of this document)

  • The year is represented by its last two numbers

  • The day is optional: myy[dd]

  • <market_segment_mic_code> is the MIC/OPOL code

ICE Futures EU

The symbols are transformed in the same manner as the ICE symbols. The namespaces for ICE Futures EU are:

  • :IFEU

  • :IFLL

  • :IFLO

  • :IFLX