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How to Read Extracted Historical Data

CSV format

To check the CSV format, just extract provided files and open them in terminal, or Excel, or in any other preferred viewer.

Binary format

To check the quality of extracted historical data, take the following steps:

Step 1

  1. Download Java and QDS APIs.

  2. Launch the multiplexor locally.

Multiplexor launching

dxfeed-api\lib> java -jar qds-tools.jar multiplexor file:C:\Users\username\Desktop\TimeAndSale[readAs=raw_data,start=20190621-000000-0400,stop=20190621-230000-0400,speed=max] :6666 -c all-se
qds-tools.jar - needed lib
multiplexor - needed command
file:*****\Desktop\TimeAndSale - path to the binary file.
start and stop - timeframe of reading
speed=max - how quick the data will be flowing
:6666 - port to connect

Step 2

  1. Log on.

  2. Find samples.

  3. Use \c-api-5.5.2\bin\x86\CommandLineSample.exe to connect to the multiplexor.