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dxFeed Viewer Guide


dxFeed Viewer is a diagnostic tool for checking feed statuses. It allows to view all the main streaming classes of data coming from dxFeed: Quote (bid/ask), Trade (last sale), Summary (OHCL, Previous Close, Open Interest), Profile (Description, Trading Halts), Order (price levels or full order book) and time-and-sale information together with a tick chart.


To install the application:

  1. Install Oracle JRE 8.

  2. Download the suitable version of the application.

  3. Install it.

  4. Open dxFeed Viewer.

To check symbols:

  • Add symbols manually by typing a symbol in the Symbol field, but note that Stock symbols may be added with &*. e.g IBM&N. Please refer to your IPF.Instrument Profile Format

  • Add symbols to the CFG file. For this, close dxFeedViewer and go to C:\Users\< your user folder >\.dxviewer\dxviewer.cfg and open it in a text editor. In the symbols= field, place all of your symbols separated by commas. Then save the file and start dxFeedViewer. It should contain symbols from this string.


Stock symbols may be added with &*. e.g IBM&V. So your string may look like this: symbols=TSLA&N,INDU.IND:TEI.

File example:

#dxFeed Market Data Viewer Configuration
#Sat Sep 28 10:46:56 MSK 2019


To connect to the demo feed:

  1. Click Connect.

  2. Check that you see the endpoint address at the top of the screen.

Other information

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Please remember that dxFeedViewer is just a diagnostic tool for several cases.